My skin is really fragile and this harsh winter burned my face (lips, cheeks, nose). Everything hurts even my super soft pillow sheets.

I found out that Asian skin is just as sensitive as mine and they have the same T-zone problems that I have. I filled myself with courage and a little budget and decided to purchase some comestics from an asian online store called The shipping costs  were’nt that expensive, $18 and it took 15days to arrive.

I bought 15 different products but only tried six so far.

To make thing easier I will state the product as well the experience of using, the outcome and a rating.All the images are from

1. Bio’Main Traditional Chinese Medicine sleeping Mask with Fomes japonica Spore (one sheet  $1.10)

The first thing I used was this sleeping mask. Once you open the sheet the typical smell (or stink) of Chinese traditional medicine fill the room. Since this is a sleeping mask, if you have a partner that sleeps with you maybe you should warn her/him that you will sleep with this smelly product. If he/she is used  to this smell, it’s not a big problem But I should warn you that in the morning all the bed and nightwear will continue to smell.

You apply this like you apply night cream. A generous amount should do it and you will not need to use the entire product in one night.

The proterties of the mask are extented to it’s max when you start sleeping and your body rests.

 In the next day, when I woke up, all my blackheads were visible and out, my pimples were dry and my skin felt smoother. I advise you to use it when you have a free day the next morning if you don’t want to go to work with a ski mask. Take yourself at least an hour to clean and remove all the imperfections that the mask pulled to the surface of your skin. This is really a detox mask and I would use it once a month.

Rating: 4/5 ( little instructions were given in english so I needed to search online. And even that wasn’t very helpfull, other that that this mask works really well if you can tolerate the active smell.)

2. Bio’Main Blackhead Off nose mask (one sheet $0.7)

Another product from Bio’Main, also in a sheet.

This one was a nightmare to apply. One I opened it, a thick black substance started to spread. I never tought that this would be black! It’s almost like grude, you just need to use a tiny bit of product if you can manage to put it in a reciepient.

The black mask, once applied make you look like a panda with the black spots in all the wrong places.

It says in the instructions to keep it 10-15 mintutes and then peel it off when it’s dry. I waited an hour to dry.

It stained my sink with all that black and took me forever to clean it back to it’s original white.

It didn’t work very well. Almost none of the blackheads were removed, only the big ones and it’s very messy. I still stand with the idea that Nivea and Essence Strips are the best ones to remove blackheads.

Rating- 2/5

3. Shiseido Deluxe Pore tightening Toner (150ml flask – $7.7)

 Many of you are thinking “Shiseido???? less that 10 bucks??? NO WAY”.

Deluxe is a brand from the Shiseido group, that only sells in Asian markets. It first appeared in the 30’s, when japanese economy was rising and the rst of the world suffered from the Great Depression.

It was intended to be a high class luxury brand with premium quality by the Shiseido standards. With the evolution of comestics and the appearance of high demand for specific products, such as wrinkles and firming, the Deluxe brand lost it’s glory without loosing quality. It is now an affordable brand but with the Shiseido quality stamp.

This toner comes in a glass flask wich is a huge plus for me in a ecological era of non-plastic. Plus, the flask is really pretty and after used it can work for other purposes.

It smells like a regular toner, no fancy or disgusting odor here. It’s really mild, suitable for sensitive skin like mine.

About the quality of reducing the pores, I don’t know if it only because of this toner, since I use a night cream an a cleansing gel with that purpose too.

Rating: 4.5/5 (Works well, leaves skin smooth and fresh and it has the vintage look that I adore)

4. Searun Magma Toner (30ml – $7.7)

The best toner I used so far!

This Japanese brand prouds itself of not using any parabens, artifitial gas, color, preservative, perfume or any artifitial altered chemicals. It’s all 100% natural ingredients!

Plus, they believe that we are preventing our skin to regenerate by using chemical products in our skin thus accelerating the appearence of wrinkles, pimples and unbalacing the skin natural beauty.

Their products also have the ability of “antioxidating” the water we use. We all know the danger of brinking tap water and it’s cloride but we use it to take bath and washing ourselves. The skin is the largest organ we have and it has an amasing ability of absorving everything! So we don’t dink cloride but we absove it anyway by washing ourselves. The powders, salts and toner of Searun Magma reduce the cloride levels of water, helping our skin to restore it’s balance. ( Very Zen!)

This is a really small bottle and because of the natural perservatives (Rosemary flower) it needs to be consumed within 2 months. I have been using their toner during the day and the Shiseido at night.

The liquid is thick and jelly-type and you don’t need to use a cotton pad to apply it. It is odor-less too. They recomend using it all day, when you start to feel your skin dehidrated apply it to the areas of most need.

Dispite the ugly face of the lady in the packaging, you start after two or three days to see your face more radiant, smooth and with less oily and dry areas.

Rating- 5/5 (It’s a bit expensive for a small bottle but worth every peny!)

5. Shiils Licorice Refining Night Jelly (50ml – $7.8)

The biggest problem I found with night creams is that in the next morning we woke up with our face looking like a disco ball. This doesn’t happen with this jelly.

Shills is a korean brand specially designed for your skin and all its problems.

It’s super easy to apply and the jelly-substance blends nicely in the skin. This have whitening properties too but my face is already Snow-white type so I don’t mind extra whiteness. I think that the tube doesn’t have 50ml but for less that $8 that isn’t a big deal either.

Rating: 4/5

6. IsQueen High Definition BB Cream mini set (2 small tubes for $7.7)

I’ve heard so much about BB Creams: they’re oily, they’re great, they don’t cover well, they don’t match ou skin tone and so on.

I decided to try this set of BB creams from the japanese brand IsQueen to see for myself. The price is tagged for almost $8 but I got them on sale for $3.8.

IsQueen was pioneer in introducing NANO TECNOLOGY on their beauty products to prolong and maximize the effects.

BB cream stands for Blemish Balm if you’re curious.

When I recieved it and noticed how small the tubes are I tought that if they didn’t have that sale I wouldn’t buy it again.

The tubes are like lipgloss tubes. They had two different colors: one Natural and one Whitening. The Natural is to yellowish for my skin tone but if you don’t know for sure it’s best to buy this pack and try the color that best suits you.

I use the lighter one almost every day. It has SPF 18 so I don’t need to add sunscreen.

It blends nicely and you don’t need to add much to full coverage. It evens my skin and hides under eye circles and redness (burned cheeks sucks). I don’t even need to use my concealer from Cargo!

This BB cream is not greasy and gives my skin a natural glow.

I use it as a primer, if I used it as a foundation without any other powder I would look “Family Adams” White. I use my Benefit Some-kind-of-gorgeous foundation faker on top that has a translucent shade.

As eyeprimer is works really well, all the pigments from M.A.D that I’m trying stick and last a long time and my veins are concealed.

I love this BB cream, my face, for the first time, doesn’t need photoshop or “beauty mode” pictures. Talk about movie star effect!

Note that, this works for me but it may not work for your skin tone. If you’re interested in trying some BBcream, the best is to buy sample sized and find the ones that works best for you.

For now It’s all. Next I will review the M.A.D pigments I mentioned!

XoXo M

Anatomicals Review (English)

Janeiro 12, 2011

Para ler em Português clicar aqui!

As I promissed, here is the review of the Anatomicals’ pack of A Pair of Wrinkle Kickers that I bought from

The main thing that make me bought this pack was the catchy name (who doesn’t want to kick some of the wrinkles out of our faces?) and, of course the super afordable price + 50 per cent off!!

It’s still on sale at ladies, so if you like my review and want to try them out, you bettter hurry!

My quest for a good moisturizer is endless…what works for most doesn’t necessarily works for me. I have a mixed type skin. Mixed type is the most common and the most “pain-in-the-ass” kind. Because the level of oil on your T-zone and the level of dry/sensitive on everywhere else isn’t standard for all. Somme creams, specially designed for mixed skin, can work on you T-Zone perfectly leaving it matte and soft and dry even more your checks. They can clog your pores if they’re too oily and turn your forehead a Disco Ball.

Most recently I used the Sephora Face age prevention moisturizer with 15 SPF for normal skin type. The assistant in the shop assured me that this one was the right one for my skin. She couldn’t be more wrong.~

The first two uses, it worked fine, but then my face started to look like a disco ball, too oily, and with clogged pores. The cream costed me 20€ or a bit more, I can’t remember.

The other big thing I didn’t like was the omission of the ingredients of the jar. It only says the active ingredients (Octinoxate, Octocrylene and Titanium Dioxide) and the natural (ginseng, rice extract and white tea) everything else is ommited! I’m not a big cosmetologist expert but I would like to know whatexactly I’m using in my face.

Other problem was the eyes, after I apply the moisturizer my eyes get all irritated and wattery, even after considered efforts to avoid the eye area.

Besides, after a week the top of the jar detached from the jar itself…It’s what I call a “falling apart beauty product”. 😀 Maybe It worked for you of for the lady who assisted me, but not for me.

So I decided to give Anatomicals a try! The products came yesterday.

It came exactly as the photo on Asos. Two products, one face cream and one eye gel in a plastig bag with string cords. The bag was so vigorously closed that I needed to use the top of my hair scissor to open it!

I made (for the first time) a video, to give you an idea of the products. No sound, sorry, but I will write about each product individually and rate it in the end. (And don’t notice my fingers with no manicure at all!)

  • Anatomicals revitalizing eye gel

It’s the minty green plastic jar on the video. It contais 15ml of eye gel.

The packaging is really funny in both jars. In this one on the top we have a girl with puffy eyes looking at what it looks like a doctor’s eye exam board that say’s “Cooling Tightening Eye Gel”. The label around the jar says:

You need your eyes rested. When your eyes look like they deserve a 2 week holiday, apply this soothing gel. The only glasses a girl really needs are ones filled with banana daiquiri.

Get it? glasses?

On the bottom we have the full ingredients list as well as the place where it was made (UK): Aqua, Glycerin, Glyceril Polymethancrylate, Propylene Glycol, Citrus Flower Water, Copolymer, Scleroglucan, Diazolidinyl Urea, Lodopropynyl, Witch Hazel Extract, Perfume, Butylcarbamate, Carbober, Allantoin, Triethanolamine, PEG-40, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Tetrasodium EDTA.

The texture of the gel it’s dense so you can calculate the amount needed to use ( half a pea size will do) and it turns into a water texture while applying. It isn’t oily and after you applied it you won’t even notice it is there, no shine at all. You will only notice after a minute or two, the skin around your eye area will that to tighten and you will feel like you have tape in your eyelids, but in a good way. the puffines around the eyes desapear and you no longer have to worry about your boss telling you that you look straight out of bed (even if you are). The cool feeling isn’t too much, it’s not artic feeling, more like a cool breeze.

But the effects don’t last 24hours, If you plan to hangout with your friend after school or work maybe you should reapply to perk the eyes again.

The gel doesn’t interfere with your makeup habits, you can apply eyeprimer and eyeshadow if you like and it’s almost odorless.


Packaging – 4.5/5 (love the originality and the idea that they thought in every aspect to make te experience of using an eye gel fun, it would be perfect if they changed to glass jars)

Price – 5/5 (Super afordable! The only inconvinience is that you need to buy it online.)

The actual product – 4/5 (It does what it says, cooling and tightening, but the effects are not for 24 hr)

  • Anatomicals Rejuvenating Face Cream

The blue jar on the video with 50 ml of cream inside.

In this one, the top of the jar has an image of a job center with a huge line of plastic surgeons. The label says :

 Thank f**k, no nip tuck. The gnashing of plastic surgeon’s porcelain veneers can be hear as you apply this anti wrinkle cream in upward strokes. Still, they’ve always got your tiny boobs to enhance.

This one can be offensive to some but I only find it amusing. I absolutely love the british humor.

On the bottom states the ingredients and the place of manufacture (also UK): Aqua, Cyclomethicone, Stearic Acid, Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol, Glycosaminoglycans, Glyceryl Stearate, Dimethicone, Glycerin, Plysorbathe-80, Titanium Dioxide, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Aluminium Stearate, Phenoxyethanol, Panthenol, Methylparaben, Mineral Oil, Alumina, Carbomer, Triethoamiaol, Polyhydroxystearic Acid, Alpha-Bisabolol, Propyparaben, BHT, Disodium EDTA.

Ok, this one has some con’s. Alcohol, BHT and Aluminium are not exactely good in a moisturizer or in any type of beauty product.  I only know some stuff about it, and the rest of the ingredients sounds like an ancient language from another planet. If anyone could enlight me about it I would be really apreciated.

The white texture of the cream blends easely with your skin, leaving it matte and healthy-looking (no bisco ball on the forehead or nose!). It moistures and controls the oils in every right part of my face for now, let’s see after some weeks of usage (I will update this if it turns out to be a floppy cream).


Packaging – 4.5/5

Price – 5/5

Actual product- 3/5 (until now, it works just fine as a moisturizer. However, what works for my skin type may don’t work for yours. The rejuvenating effect, anti-wrinkle bláh bláh bláh, I didn’t noticed, for the price you pay for the two you can’t expect miracles, just a good eye gel and a normal moisturizer with some wrinkle PREVENTION. If you want something expremely specific for wrinkles you may not find it in this product.)

Just a little detail on the bottom of the bag, Anatomicals signature name: “We only want you for your body”.

Another cool products from Anatomicals can be the perfect funny gift for your girlfriends. I like both eyemasks, one to sleep and one to slay the bags under the eyes.

That’s all for now… XoXo, M

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