My Alter Ego

Fevereiro 15, 2011


Photo taken from Tumblr

There’s such emptiness in this body.

A hunger for life and everything in between.

 I call it an addiction. I’m addicted to everything.

 My relation with sex is just like a junkie and his/hers drug of choice. I’m eager to touch, eager to feel the fulfillment of the entire human existence.

 Sometimes, when I’m lonely, the only thing that I want is another body over me or me over another body, linked and moving, satisfying my need of human touch, human smell.

Of course, I don’t need another human to get me going; just the thought will please me.

The real weakness of humankind is being human. We’re needy and narcissist. It’s all about us and what we need or what we need to do. Some are hypocrites and stand for animals, environment, for the sake of the ill or poor.  I’m realistic. I stand for me and the pursuit of my very own happiness. As happiness is an abstract notion and, as human, I always need more and more, I’m content with the happy pill called a good fuck. It’s instant and most of the times satisfactory.


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