fictional toughts from an Alter Ego

Janeiro 20, 2011

photo taken from Tumblr

I’m a Woman, not a Saint.

When I see something I like I try to have it. With men is simple, most of them are searching for the same as me: sexual pleasure. I usually don’t associate love, as an emotion with the physical exchange of body fluids. I’m not interested in what they’re saying. I’m just there for their bodies and what they can do for me.  I’m too busy for a relationship and I’m not into monogamy, first because it bores me to death second because I don’t let anyone think they can have any type of power over me. I like sex, I like being in charge of my life and my body. Most of them, men and female, call me whore. I guess I was born with the word whore in my genes. My mother was called a whore after she left my father for another man in the 50’s, my grandmother was a whore because she was a freethinker, and her mother was a whore because of her profession as a cabaret dancer. Thinking about it, they just called them whores and promiscuous because they felt like it, because they were afraid of the power of being a woman and admitting that they liked being so. I like being a woman, I enjoy feeling like a woman, I have pleasure with my body and I’m not afraid or ashamed of admitting that. Want to call me whore? It’s Miss Whore for you, Madam, and proud of it.

Madamme M

All the contents above are purely fictional, directly from my Alter ego.


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